ShenZhen Oversea Win Technology Co., Ltd.

Working day 9:00-18:00

1. Company Vision: manufacture the products satisfy the customers the most.
2. Company Mission: manufacture the best quality products, provide the most honest service.
3. Development Goal: "Create First-Class in the Industry, Be Number One in the Country."
4. Company Spirit: "Unity and Hard Work, Benevolence and Sacrifice; Pioneering and Innovation, Dare to be the First."
        Interpretation: "Unity" is a basic guiding principle for the sound development of a company, through communication, coordination and cooperation, a fair and good business environment is formed, to a concerted and coordinated situation. "Hard work" refers to be accurate and efficient in work, in completing tasks, we should have the bold romanticism of “not stop until the aim is attained”; and the heroic spirit of "not bow down, not admit defeat, wipe away tears and hold on". In formulating realistic phased objectives, we should encourage a modest advance and oppose the extravagance and exaggeration. "Benevolence" means that people have "human nature." Enterprises are made up of people and they naturally have human nature. So what is the "nature" of corporate culture? In fact, the "nature" of corporate culture is people-oriented. However, what is "people-oriented" and "humane management", through the perfect care system for employees to feel the respect, help and care of the company, so that employees love the company, love the work, love the company like home. Retaining good staff which is the largest enterprise wealth.